Dear Members of the Educational Community,

KbPort™ is offering a subscription bonus in light of recent global events. Purchase an annual subscription now, that commences Fall 2020, and receive Summer 2020 for free! Ask your salesperson for more information, or contact us at

KbPort™ is also pleased to continue offering lesson plans to active SimEMR® subscribers. Designed to ease the burden of transitioning to remote learning models, these lesson plans cover a range of topics for a variety of learner levels.

We understand the drastic and dramatic shift to alternative educational models can be challenging. We are happy to provide this assistance to educators who might need an extra hand shifting to a distance learning approach due to recent global events.

As you strive to strike a balance between protecting your respective communities and your academic missions, KbPort™ is committed to identifying new ways we can contribute to your efforts.


The KbPort™ Team

*This offer is available to all institutions.

What is SimEMR®?

SimEMR® is an interactive, web-based, simulated electronic medical record solution that enables students to learn how to effectively document key clinical data and medical history in the context of patient care.