Virtual Study™

Pharmacy Training

KbPort™ is passionate about pharmacy education. Become a part of Simplicity™ University™ and prepare learners for successful pharmacy careers. Our virtual, interactive experience includes engaging lessons with interactive tasks and immediate feedback.

Learn Pharmacy skills from our new in-depth, module-based product. KbPort™ Virtual Study™ includes interactive, self-paced, educational modules designed to  provide the knowledge-base required to enter the Pharmacy field.

Through the Virtual Study™ modules, learners are challenged to complete exercises and exams needed to either pursue national certification or enter the work force as entry-level pharmacy technicians.

KbPort™ Virtual Study™ offers two programs, the Pharmacy Technician Basic Program and the Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program (CPhT).

The Pharmacy Technician Basic Program blends key concepts and activities in a virtual learning environment, while the Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program (CPhT) separates key concepts by module and provides a virtual learning environment with instructional material, interactive exercises, and examinations.

Both Virtual Study™ programs are followed by completion of hands-on skills in a laboratory environment.

Programs support knowledge required for employment in a variety of Pharmacy settings, such as: Institutional/Hospital/LTC, Community, Clinic/Outpatient, Compounding Facilities, or Mail-order/Insurance.


  • Modules
    • Self-paced or instructor-directed study
  • Multi-attempt lessons
    • Built-in feedback
    • Concept reinforcement
    • Educational content
    • Virtual practice tasks & examinations
  • Examinations
    • Interactive tasks
    • Computations
    • True/false, multiple choice, matching & short answer questions
  • Content
    • Aligned to entry-level technician duties in a variety of practice settings
  • Hands-on skills
    • Virtual ADC experience
    • Recording & debriefing options available for assessment
  • Curriculum
    • Provides basic knowledge required for entry-level technician duties
    • Both programs prepare students for national certification through either ExCPT or PTCB


  • Modules
    • Variety of interactive methods (e.g. drag & drop, matching) to reinforce concepts
    • Students complete virtual practice tasks before completing final assessments
  • Recording & debriefing technology
    • Can be provided for the skills portion of the program
  • Hands-on skills
    • Assessed on-site or recorded using an individual pharmacy lab kit
  • ADC skills
    • Assessed through an interactive, virtual medication program
  • Printable certificates
    • Provided for each module upon completion

Placement in the Field:

  • Basic Program
    • Graduates are prepared to move on to Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program
  • Advanced Program (CPhT)
    • PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program
    • Graduates are prepared to sit for national certification
    • Graduates can enter the workforce as trained technicians in a variety of settings
    • Graduates are ready for employment in entry-level technician positions
    • Graduates can utilize knowledge gained to pursue further training and advance in their field
    • Can be used as a “bridge” program by employers to determine level of training required for new hires
  • Both Programs
    • Graduates are prepared to obtain national certification through ExCPT
1: Modeled after PTCB, ExCPT, and ASHP standards.

KbPort™ Virtual Study™: Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program (CPhT) is a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program.