Project Humvee®

The Challenge

KbPort™ was contracted through a private party to modify a military Humvee® for use as a first responder rescue and medical simulation training vehicle. Due to our experience in modifying real ambulances, mock ambulances, medical training trailers, and other simulation vehicles, we took on the challenge.


We had to first find a Humvee®. This was not too difficult, because the government had been selling off their current Humvee® inventory and making room for its replacement model, the JLTV. Our research led us to online auctions where you bid on the vehicles.

After winning a bid, there is a lengthy process to not only get the vehicle on hand, but also make it street legal as military vehicles do not have titles. Titling a Humvee so that it is street legal is an entirely different, potentially frustrating process that can take up to eight months.


Once we acquired the vehicle, the real fun began. When it comes to configuration and modification, these Humvee models have endless possibilities; the sky is truly the limit.

After changing all of the fluids, we had the vehicle inspected to ensure everything was up to code and safe to use.  Most of these vehicles are from the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s and have been changed many times over.


For training purposes, we installed a KbPort™ Mobile FusionHD™ system. Mobile FusionHD™ incorporates a fixed camera within the front bumper, a fixed camera in the rear fender, an interior camera, and a drone, altogether providing four different camera views. The drone can be used for off-road sessions or for use in parking lots when practicing vehicle extractions. The over-head view from the drone is spectacular.

Mobile FusionHD™ can extract data from the vehicle, reporting the speed, temperature, voltage, and oil pressure, all of which is saved in the log file on the recorder. We also combine manikin data and patient monitor data during simulations. Our BioFusion™ products, which report biometric signals from human subjects, can also add to the experience.

Featured in the Hampton Magazine Summer Issue 2018.


Project One: Before

Project One: After

Project Two: Before

Project Two: After