The Challenge

KbPort™ has a long history of customizing and integrating sophisticated video systems for mobile applications. Some of our earliest audio-visual integration projects involved mobile simulation trailers and emergency vehicles. Today, at the core of most of our products, is our flagship event triggered camera recorder or ETC™. While optimized to handle the rigors and unique challenges of the medical simulation environment, our robust digital recorder is engineered to deliver high-quality audio, video, and data capture within a variety of contexts and situations. With this in mind, KbPort continually challenges itself to explore the capabilities of our software and hardware solutions. One such challenge arose out of our CEO’s fondness for one of America’s most iconic brands: Harley-Davidson®.

Our Solution

In order to further expand the capabilities and applications of KbPort™ recording technology, we worked on the Harley® Project. The Harley® Project consists of KbPort™ recording technology linked to the data coming from the motorcycle’s on-board computer. Through our ETC (event triggered camera system), we were able to link and merge audio and video to the data collected from the on-board computer, creating the ability to track events.

Many Harley-Davidson® stores rent bikes. With the capacity to collect audio, video, and data, Harley-Davidson® would then be able to keep track of how customers take care of the motorcycles during riding experiences. Our technology can track abuse or even be used in the case of accidents. ETC technology in this case is like the “Black Box” for motorcycles.

Data collected can be used in other scenarios as well. Often motorcyclists modify their bikes with different performance parts, such as exhaust systems, tuning modules, or tires, and can use the data generated to track differences in performance before, during, and after the modification process.