Lab Design Services

KbPort™ Professional Services has extensive experience working closely with facility planners and architectural firms in the initial development or enhancement of simulation based training centers and programs. Projects range from initial design consultation to review and revisions of existing plans. Many programs need a liaison that  will assure the needs and methodologies of the end users are incorporated into the design of the facility. Professional Services will assure there is integration of existing and future programs into the design of your center. In addition to assuring design is met, KbPort™ Professional Services will supply ongoing consultation to the architectural firm throughout the construction process as well. This will provide solutions oriented options to issues that may arise as the program continues to develop.

KbPort™ Professional Services have working relationships with many architectural firms who have designed and built centers for internationally recognized academic programs and health systems.

KbPort™ Professional Services contribute expert knowledge to assist stakeholders and design teams on the creation of new facilities, and enhancement or expansion of existing ones. Ours is a team of experts in the fields of medicine, IT, and facility operations dedicated to simulation-based healthcare education. The team offers extensive experience in the design, creation, and management of healthcare simulation facilities and programs both nationally and internationally. Whether your organization is just starting a simulation-based training program or looking to upgrade or expand an existing program, KbPort™ can assist with every step of the process. The Professional Services team will work closely with clients to ensure their facilities are custom-built to meet the needs of their organizations. To this end, we offer the following types of facility-oriented services:

Level 1 Consulting: Program Analysis
  • Identify current and future simulation training needs with questionnaires and meetings customized for clients and affiliates
  • Evaluate current simulation-based educational efforts
  • Assess internal educational efforts and support systems
  • Suggest groupings of target audiences for simulation-based training and their particular facility and educational needs
  • Align educational delivery with standards you choose from your organization, professional associations, and oversight bodies
  • Offer design advice relevant to potential future program expansion involving the integration of simulation strategies
Level 2 Consulting: Design
  • Draft initial and final facility designs, room specifications, and logistics requirements
  • Coordinate with architects, contractors, and facility planners to ensure all designs reflect educational criteria for the facility
  • Deliver customized reports with recommendations for: Simulation equipment, Medical equipment, Audio / Visual (AV) equipment and IT
  • Information Technology (IT) software and related equipment
Level 3 Consulting: Build Out
  • Integrate plans for installation of subsystems such as A/V, simulators, learning management systems, and coordinate with all suppliers
  • Furnish step-by-step status reports to stakeholders, and manage any agreed change orders during entire construction process
  • Walk-through construction completion inspections with client, and document contractor performance to design specifications