Education Services

KbPort™ Professional services teams have the education, real world knowledge, and experience required to educate the next generation of simulation center instructors. Combining a wealth of knowledge of medicine, education, and KbPort™ technology, KbPort™ Professional Services has all the tools to instruct faculty on the curriculum, technology, and simulation set ups required to reach educational objectives.

Our team is experienced with all levels of user complexity. Whether yours is a new simulation center, or a large, experienced facility looking to improve fidelity or usability, the KbPort™ Professional Services team can help.

Our team of experts, whose careers were built on training healthcare personnel in medical procedures and in operating centers for medical education that rely on state-of-the art simulation technologies, has led thousands of workshops and classes in the United States and abroad for emergency medical personnel, nurses, physician assistants, medical students, residents, and doctors. Our Professional Services team has unparalleled knowledge of simulation education, technology, and information technology as it is used in hospitals, academia, industry, and government. KbPort™ can apply its vast experience to support your organization’s training program with these services:

Simulation Center Personnel Training
  • Training for teaching using simulation techniques, from lesson plans to student outcome review
  • Specialized “debriefing” techniques to elicit student progress and refine instruction
  • Custom creation and development of scenarios that match organizational training goals
  • Packaging of complementary scenarios to create specialized training modules
  • Analysis of existing curricula and recommendations on using simulation for medical education
  • Advice on step-by-step integration of simulation-based training into existing curricula
Extended training objectives
  • Educational personnel – recommending the optimal balance of specialists on a simulation center staff
  • Role-specific training – center directors, operations personnel, instructors, curriculum developers, & IT staff
  • Introduction to simulation (for those considering a simulation program) – a program that presents options, features, benefits, and frameworks for using simulation in healthcare training and education