Chuck Miller, founder and CEO of KbPort™, along with KbPort™ partner Greg Angell, acquired two military surplus-grade Humvees®, and decided to restore and convert them into learning platforms to showcase the design and engineering talents of their company.

With KbPort LLC’s past experience in modifying real ambulances, mock ambulances, medical training trailers, and other simulation vehicles, they took on the challenge, enlisting the help of A.W. Beattie Career Center.

“Four-wheel drive Humvees saw action as military scout vehicles, gun platforms, ambulances, and ammunition carriers…Given that kind of versatility Chuck Miller recognized that Humvees might also be capable of satisfactorily demonstrating KbPort’s mobile medical simulation technologies.” — David G. Young

A Driving Passion: The Humvee® Project provides a narrative of this journey and is featured in the Summer issue of Hampton Magazine. Visit to access the latest issue, or view the Summer 2018 Issue of Hampton Magazine on Issuu.

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