BPSim™ has a unique design that eliminates the need for awkward, bulky simulator arms, or special stethoscopes. Since it is the same size as a standard BP cuff, it is easy to store, and multiple units can be managed without requiring much space. Setup is also much easier when compared to other, more expensive BP trainers. There is no assembly required, and short of charging the unit before use, it is ready to go out of the box with a few simple configuration steps. Since BPSim™ is app-based, it does not require a dedicated tablet or other controlling device to operate it. You can simply download and run the free app from your phone, which is quite ideal for a busy simulation program like ours, because it means there’s less pieces of equipment to account for in the lab spaces.

“As an educator, one of the main things that I really appreciate is the ability to use the device as part of a full-simulation.”

When you are practicing on a detached simulator arm, the learning experience is less immersive, and students do not get to practice measuring blood pressure within a full-clinical context. With BPSim™, I can have my students practice all aspects of taking an accurate blood pressure, including allowing the patient to sit for a short time and not engaging in conversation. Another thing that makes BPSim™ unique is that it can be used on both standardized patients and manikin simulators. As opposed to BP simulator arms, such capability and flexibility allows for a wide-range of teaching scenarios, resulting in more opportunities to practice for learners and a greater return on investment for administrators.

BPSim™ is easy to setup through with only a few basic steps, like downloading the app from the app store and connecting to the BPSim’s Wi-Fi network. The provided instructions clearly explain how to do complete these fairly straightforward tasks, however, so even those who are not very comfortable with the latest technology can learn to use the device with ease.

Students will find BPSim™ to be very realistic, as it closely resembles almost every detail and aspect of a true Sphygmomanometer. With a standard cuff, air release valve, inflation bulb, and gauge, the simulated diagnostic experience is very true to how students will measure a patient’s blood pressure in the clinical setting. Using any standard stethoscope, students can use BPSim™ to practice and familiarize themselves with the auscultation of BP ranges and Korotkoff phases. For a beginning learning, this familiarization is undoubtedly valuable as accurate blood pressure measurement continues to be a focus of clinical care.

“Overall BPSim™ provides an affordable option to teach new learners the skills and principles behind blood pressure measurement. While no simulator can replace experience with the real thing, a training tool such as BPSim™ can be a great introduction to one of healthcare’s most essential skills. As the old adage states, practice makes perfect.”