Reusing SimEMR® license keys

In the event of faculty turnover, you can revoke licenses from individuals no longer in the facility, effectively revoking their access to the platform. Doing so will regenerate a string of characters to be used for a new license key. Provide this key to a new user to complete the registration process. The same applies

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ETC FusionHD™ email export option

Contact your IT department. Your IT specialist will need to create an email address on your facility domain to be used as the sending address to the recipients. To populate this information, access your Archiver™ and navigate to the system settings icon. Click [System Settings]. Under the System Settings tab, select [Email]. Enter user email

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Does KbPort™ offer warranties?

Yes, KbPort™ offers the Technology Management Plan™ ("TMP") to manage and support your purchase. We designed the TMP to support your center as well as to provide you with a care plan that fits your budget and needs. Unlike traditional warranties, KbPort™ TMPs provide tangible long-term value as they are crafted specifically to mitigate technology

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Are KbPort™ solutions environmentally friendly?

Yes. KbPort™ has the most environmentally-friendly system available, utilizing patented software that eliminates hardware required in typical simulation environments. Compared to other systems, KbPort™ Simplicity™ solutions offer reduced costs, space, heat, and man hours by an estimated 60%.

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