Reusing SimEMR® license keys

In the event of faculty turnover, you can revoke licenses from individuals no longer in the facility, effectively revoking their access to the platform. Doing so will regenerate a string of characters to be used for a new license key. Provide this key to a new user to complete the registration process. The same applies

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ETC FusionHD™ email export option

Contact your IT department. Your IT specialist will need to create an email address on your facility domain to be used as the sending address to the recipients. To populate this information, access your Archiver™ and navigate to the system settings icon. Click [System Settings]. Under the System Settings tab, select [Email]. Enter user email

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ETC FusionHD™ is not picking up audio

First, verify the XLR to mixer and USB from mixer connections are secure. Be sure to check that both the input for the microphone is at a reasonable level and that the main line output for the mixer is at a reasonable volume. If after the first step you still do not hear audio, next

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Archiver™ automatic back-up for new videos recorded on ETC FusionHD™

When the Archiver™ recognizes new video information from an attached ETC™, it typically automatically syncs the new material. To adjust ETC™ feeds, access the Archiver™ and navigate to the system settings icon. Select [System Settings] and choose the Archiver™ tab. Click [Attached ETCs], choose which ETC you want to attach to and click [Attach]. NOTE:

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Difference between MOV/MP4 and Native export options

MOV/MP4: Universally recognized video formats. Recommended to quickly and conveniently export videos to provide to other personnel if they do not have access to the Arhiver™/ETC™ device to debrief footage. These are lossy video formats (the footage is compressed to a smaller file size and will have a slight decrease in image quality). Native: Natively-recorded

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Delay when remotely accessing ETC FusionHD™ via web browser

Make sure your browser is up-to-date. We recommend using the KbPort™ browser. To download the browser, navigate to system settings in your ETC™, and click the Advanced Settings tab. Next click [Downloads] on the left menu. Under KbPort™ Browser, select the Windows link. After installing the browser, open it and navigate to [About]. Select [Plugins]

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