More and more medical facilities are turning to telehealth systems as a patient care option. As the use and demand for these systems continue to skyrocket, learners need access to interactive telehealth practice.

KbPort™ has created a new SimEMR® Telehealth module to meet these needs.

The SimEMR® Telehealth module allows learners to gain confidence with patient interactions while acquiring charting experience. Instructors can serve the role of patient to evaluate learners’ interpersonal skills and can utilize the Review Learner Work feature within a patient record, to evaluate the efficacy of the charted data.

SimEMR® Telehealth enables learners to simulate conferencing with a patient to practice verbally extracting information from the patient to document, assess, and treat.

SimEMR® Telehealth Features:
  • User-friendly design

  • Multi-channel & peer-to-peer conferencing

  • Video & Audio

  • Chat

Improve Learner Skills Through:
  • Patient engagement

  • Clinical workflows

  • Technology efficiency

Enhance the reality and depth of your simulation-based education with SimEMR® Telehealth!
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