KbPort and Kitware are excited to announce the release SimPulse™, a Virtual Patient Simulator With Real-Time Physiologic and Pharmacologic Responses. SimPulse™ utilizes Kitware’s Pulse Physiology Platform (Pulse) and integrates with SimEMR®, KbPort’s Simulated Electronic Medical Record Platform.

SimPulse™ Features

KbPort™ and Kitware are excited to combine the well-established training modules in SimEMR® and the accurate physiological patient feedback produced by the Pulse engine in a simple, intuitive user-interface, to provide an accurate context of patient care by presenting healthcare learners with real-time, physiological and pharmacological patient data required for clinical decision-making and documentation.

Well-suited for use in lab, classroom, and remote settings, SimPulse™ supports critical learning elements such as patient safety, medication administration, patient interactions, and patient vitals.

Positive Impacts to the Educational Community

Removes the Requirement of Physical Access to Lab Spaces

SimPulse™ utilizes simulated patients to create patient context. Activities involving a simulated patient have historically required physical access to lab equipment and lab spaces to enable learners to collect and record patient data, such as vital signs. SimPulse™ eliminates this requirement by operating as a standalone, portable simulated patient.

Improves the Quality of Patient Contexts

SimPulse™ improves the fidelity of patient responses and reactions. The Pulse engine produces accurate physiological and pharmacological patient responses to external stimuli introduced by clinicians. This allows the clinical decision-making process and subsequent patient care to unfold naturally and accurately, eliminating the need for declared assumptions that can disrupt normal workflows and negatively impact learner experiences.

Supports High-volume Repetition without Increasing Operational Costs

In healthcare education, learner access to clinical pathways supported by hi-fidelity, in-lab experiences is often limited due to resource availability (physical and human) and associated costs. Therefore, learners have less opportunity for repetitive, hands-on training experiences. SimEMR® with SimPulse™ mitigates this issue as simulations require little-to-no staff support and no physical lab access and can be re-distributed to end-users on an unlimited basis.

SimPulse™ Benefits
  • Removes the requirement of physical access to lab spaces by utilizing simulated patients to create patient context

  • Enables learners to collect & record patient data

  • Improves the quality of patient contexts by improving the fidelity of patient responses & reactions

  • Allows the clinical decision-making process & subsequent patient care to unfold naturally & accurately

  • Eliminates the need for declared assumptions that can disrupt normal workflows & negatively impact learner experiences

  • Supports high-volume repetition without increasing operational costs

“We want to do everything we can to enable educators and learners to have access to the most realistic training environments possible to affect positive educational outcomes and reduce medical errors when learners transition from training to clinical practice.”

– Chuck Miller, KbPort™ President & CEO

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