In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we recognize faculty are seeking alternatives to on-site clinical and classroom education to support student learning. Simulationists across the nation are welcoming new information that can relieve some development burden.

KbPort™ continues to provide free access to SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™* as a means to accomplish virtual training for clinical documentation practice and medication administration practices during the pandemic.

We know educators are seeking a variety of clinical scenarios to enable student activities. To assist, we would like to offer educators the ability to contribute simulated scenario information created within SimEMR® for distribution to all other SimEMR® users. ​Once submitted, our Professional Services Team will review the patient, and if approved, we will initiate distribution to other academic users of SimEMR®.

We are all in this together, and we will overcome this difficult time as a team. We appreciate the willingness of our faculty partners in assisting with this endeavor!

If you have not yet requested access to SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™ through KbPort’s COVID-19 Relief Effort, please do so by submitting the form on this page: Thank you.

*This offer is available to all institutions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are attempting to get this message out through a variety of channels in order to meet the needs of the medical education community. If you are experiencing a delayed response from a third party, please feel free to contact KbPort™ directly at We will create your account quickly and provide you with the necessary information to get started using SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™.

To get started with our COVID-19 Relief Effort – Patient Profile Sharing Initiative, please follow the steps listed below: