We are excited to announce the upcoming release of KbPort™ Simplicity7™, the next generation, all-encompassing center management solution designed to streamline data capture and maximize the efficiency of your facility. Automate, track, and report on every aspect of your center’s activity with KbPort™ Simplicity7™.

Simplicity7™ removes traditional constraints of center management and operation, offering hybrid on-premise and cloud-based capabilities. The sleek, modular design of Simplicity7™ allows for custom, flexible configurations based on facility needs.

Simplicity7™ includes a comprehensive feature set that benefits administrators, instructors, and learners. From modern capturing and debriefing capabilities, to facility management and scheduling to inventory and course management, and beyond, the streamlined interfaces, ease of use, and inter-connectivity of Simplicity7™ systems allows for complete and efficient system control on-site or off campus.

Facility Management
  • Usage & Efficiency Reporting
  • Multi-site Support
  • Detailed Space Amenities
User Management
  • Detailed User Portfolios
  • Enhanced Authentication
  • Single Sign-On Capable
  • Robust Reservation System
  • Scheduling Automation
  • Event & Period Support
  • Booking Conflicts
Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Reorder Points
  • Data Visualization & Management
  • Customizable Reports
SP Management
  • Actor Profile & Matching
  • Repeater Statistics
  • SP Case Management Tools
  • Reservation Integration
Course Management
  • Course Catalog Builders
  • In-depth Reports
  • Honor Code Support
  • Worksheet Builders
  • In-depth Analytical Reports
  • Feature-rich Evaluation Tools
  • Live capture from up to 6 HD camera feeds
  • Synchronized audio
  • Screen capture

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