KbPort™ is pleased to announce the availability of Wallcur’s complete Practi-Meds™ formulary within our simulated electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) and medication administration applications. With this addition, SimEMR® and MedSkills™ will now feature the formularies of two industry-leading suppliers of training and simulation products (both SimEMR® and MedSkills™ have contained the Pocket Nurse® Demo Dose® formulary for several years). KbPort™ continuously strives to offer the most robust, yet easy-to-use software solutions within the healthcare simulation market, and the addition of the Practi-Med™ formulary enhances our already dynamic medication administration and clinical documentation training portfolio. With extensive formularies pre-loaded into our applications, KbPort™ provides educators with efficient training solutions that save time, enhance the quality of simulation-based learning environments, and foster effective educational outcomes. In addition to commercial, third-party formularies, SimEMR® and MedSkills™ also support custom training formularies to meet your curriculum needs and instructional goals.

Wallcur® is a leading provider of educational training and simulation products for nursing, medical assistance, pharmacy, EMT, the medical corps, and other allied health programs. Practi-Products™ guarantee the highest quality, most true-to-life, realistic designs for the best hands-on medical training. Wallcur®, as an originator of practice medications for clinical simulation, provides products that allow instructors to create a safe and authentic training experience that is guaranteed to increase student and professional readiness and cut down on medication administration errors. The result is a greater retention of learner knowledge and motor skills, less risk in clinical practice, and overall better healthcare providers.

SimEMR® is an interactive, web-based, simulated electronic medical record solution that enables students to learn how to electronically chart in today’s hospitals. SimEMR® brings clinical documentation to the simulation lab and classroom for student nurses and physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and many other healthcare disciplines. MedSkills™ is a lightweight data provider for medication administration scenarios. MedSkills™ facilitates simple scenarios, enabling learners to quickly gain competence in the processes critical to medication administration. Both MedSkills™ and SimEMR® fully integrate with KbPort™ SimCartRx™ and SimCabRx™ medication dispensing devices.