We are excited to announce the release of our Nursing Education Lesson Plans, 2nd Edition!

We have worked hard with both nursing and pharmacy professionals as well as our trusted partner schools to rework our first edition lesson plans based on customer feedback and to reflect the ever-evolving world of nursing.

Our nursing educators liked having a book of preformatted lessons to assist in simulation labs and classrooms, saving them the time they may have spent creating their own lessons. In fact, did you know creating lessons often adds an additional 1 to 3 hours a day to an instructor’s already busy schedule?

However, we learned having one lesson plan book that included instructor setup as well as the student lessons created the extra task of sharing the lessons on a projector or xeroxing the student sections. Even with preformatted lessons, instructors still have time constraints, so we worked on creating a setup book for instructors as well as books for students to eliminate that extra bit of time spent.

Our new lesson plans for students include lab introductions, terms and definitions, learner objectives and instructions, and are followed up with an activity and evaluation, just as many instructors set up their labs.

“I personally like the step-by-step directions with pictures included. My students liked the format of how the material was introduced: an assignment, then activity, then a final assessment. This is how we do a lot of things in CTE- I got over the topic, we practice, there is homework, then a final assessment or competency. The lesson plans are presented in a beneficial format and will help prepare students for the future.”

Sarah Diets, MSN, RN-BC, A.W. Beattie Career Center

As before, our newly designed Nursing Education Lesson Plans align with our Automated Dispensing System technology (SimCabRx™ Nursing Standard or Extended & SimCartRx Standard or Elite), mirroring what learners will encounter in typical clinical settings, and enabling both instructors and learners to collaborate on the important aspects of medication administration and documentation.

Nursing Education Lesson Plans will help you instruct learners in gaining the skills and practice needed to fulfill future tasks as nurses through various teaching methods, including hands-on training, and activities.

Through these Nursing Education Lesson Plans learners are sure to become highly skilled nurses, improving patient outcomes and saving lives.

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