KbPort™ Virtual Study™: Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program (CPhT) has been approved as a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program for four consecutive years, since its inception in 2020. We are proud to be a part of more than 1,600 organizations committed to developing a qualified pharmacy technician workforce through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

PTCB was formed by a collaboration of leading pharmacy societies and associations, becoming the first certification organization for pharmacy technicians in the United States. With a history spanning nearly 30 years, PTCB is still the undisputed leader in credentialing pharmacy technicians across the country. In fact, now 21 states require a CPhT certification.

Being recognized by PTCB allows your students to meet the education/training requirement to apply for their PTCB CPhT credential. Virtual™ Study: Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program (CPhT) separates key concepts by module and provides a virtual learning environment with instructional material, interactive exercises, and examinations, and follows with a completion of hands-on skills in a laboratory environment.

Students are challenged to complete exercises and exams specific to competencies required for national certification testing and entry into the workforce, as areas covered across all modules are aligned with national certification and modern pharmacy training requirements. This program can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplemental learning tool for an existing program.

Virtual Study™ also offers a basic program that is great for high schools. Through Virtual Study™: Pharmacy Technician Basic Program students are challenged to complete exercises and exams specific to competencies required for a beginning career as a technician as well as establish the knowledge-base needed to pursue national certification and additional training.

As the roles of pharmacy technicians continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for educational programs to further challenge learners and provide them with the hands-on practice necessary for their success. KbPort™ offers other products designed specifically for Pharmacy education including two cabinets, SimCabRx™ Standard Pharmacy and SimCabRx™ Extended Pharmacy that work with SimEMR®, our simulated electronic medical record system, and MedsManager™, our medication dispensing software, to create a well-rounded context of patient care.

For facilities that may not have the funds for an entire simulation lab or want a means for students to practice on their own time, we have Virtual MedsManager™. Virtual MedsManager™ is a web-based medication administration platform, allowing for the simulation of medication dispensing activities and inventory control allowing students to practice skills from their personal Windows computers.

To pull all of this together, our Level One Pharmacy Tech Lesson Plans utilize the products above to help students with topics such as managing inventory, medication distribution, quality control, and patient education. We are excited to announce the second edition will be coming soon!

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