Binghamton University’s Decker School of Nursing continues to enhance learning outcomes by providing its students with the most advanced medication administration training devices on the market. SimCartRx™ is a realistic, medication administration cart that is designed exclusively for training purposes.

Actual clinical devices often fail to deliver effective learning opportunities because they are completely locked down for security purposes and are designed to be used exclusively with enterprise health system software platforms. SimCartRx™, on the other hand, has been designed specifically for simulation and skills training. With a range of customization and integration options, SimCartRx™ provides programs and their instructors with the ability to fully-integrate a realistic medication administration device into their curriculum, without the need for clumsy workarounds or yearly capital expenditures (in the form of enterprise HIS/HIT software).

“The SimCartRx™ by KBPort™ allows us to teach our students best practice for medication administration,” says Patti Reuther, MS, RN, CHSE, Director of Binghamton University’s Innovative Simulation and Practice Center (ISPC). “We are able to utilize our own EHR.  Students feel prepared for clinical environments. Telling us they ‘feel like a real nurse’ and are thrilled they can use the barcode scanner.”

With eight existing SimCartRx™ devices and two more on the way, Binghamton’s nursing program continues to expand and enhance its instructional capabilities and KbPort™ is proud to be a part of that growth.

While KbPort™ medication administration devices are extremely effective at providing realistic replication of clinical procedures during student training and instruction, that success is only possible because the product is fully supported by KbPort™ throughout its entire life cycle. From engineering and design, through onsite installation and continued support, KbPort™ oversees all aspects of its product. As such, owners of KbPort™ medication administration devices can trust that their products come from a company that takes a customer-first approach. As Reuther can attest, “KBPort’s support is terrific, from purchasing through everyday use.”

Binghamton University’s Decker School of Nursing is ranked as the seventh-best nursing school in the state of New York. As a growing leader in nursing research, the school is not only committed to fostering educational excellence and student success, but also effective clinical leadership and outstanding delivery of care outside of the classroom. More information about the school and the ISPC can be found here.

SimCartRx™ is a fully integrated, height-adjustable mobile medication station with lockable drawers. With barcode scanning and a variety of add-on features, the cart is engineered to realistically replicate bedside medication administration for point-of-care delivery. SimCartRx™ can be seamlessly combined with our recording and debriefing system (ETC FusionHD™, not included), simulated medical record system (SimEMR®, 1-year free trial included), and medication administration software (MedsManager™, included).

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