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Join us for open SimEMR® & Virtual MedsManager™ training Q&A sessions.
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Dear Members of the Educational Community,

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions have been forced to replace in-person instruction with online and alternative learning options. We recognize that these changes have a profoundly negative impact on hands-on clinical education, especially when teaching specialized skills related to patient care.

In an effort to mitigate the impacts of this temporary, hands-off, educational climate, KbPort™ would like to contribute free access to our cloud-based clinical educational tools: SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™*. These tools can enable institutions to continue to educate learners on patient charting, general clinical care and assessment, and medication administration without requiring physical presence in a lab setting or access to specialized hardware.

We understand the drastic and dramatic shift to alternative educational models can be challenging. We are happy to provide this assistance to educators who might need an extra hand shifting to a distance learning approach as quickly as the COVID-19 pandemic requires.

As you strive to strike a balance between protecting your respective communities and your academic missions, KbPort™ is committed to identifying new ways we can contribute to your efforts.


The KbPort™ Team

*This offer is available to all institutions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are attempting to get this message out through a variety of channels in order to meet the needs of the medical education community. If you are experiencing a delayed response from a third party, please feel free to contact KbPort™ directly at responseteam@kbport.com. We will create your account quickly and provide you with the necessary information to get started using SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™.

To receive access to SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™, please contact KbPort™ at 412-487-4663 (mention COVID-19 Relief).

Update June 1, 2020 – This form has been disabled as the SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™ free access period has ended. KbPort™ continues to offer COVID-19 Relief in the form of development of new simulated patient development and curriculum support. Please contact KbPort™ at 412-487-4663 for more information. 

What is SimEMR®?

SimEMR® is an interactive, web-based, simulated electronic medical record solution that enables students to learn how to effectively document key clinical data and medical history in the context of patient care.

What is Virtual MedsManager™?

Virtual MedsManager™ is a web-based software platform that allows for the simulation of medication administration activities typically completed at a bedside cart or storage cabinet. The software offers instruction and exercises to instill best practices regarding medication administration. No medication or dispensing hardware is required for this fully-virtual solution.