The KbPort family would like to honor the memory of Tom Crawford. Tom passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 27, 2021, while visiting his hunting property. Tom decided to do what he liked to do and spend the afternoon with nature, working on his property. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved conservation. Unfortunately, God decided it was time for Tom to go to the heavens. There is no doubt in our minds that is where he is.

It is hard to say goodbye when you are not given the opportunity and it happens without anyone having a chance to possibly reverse the situation. We are in the life saving business, but sometimes it is just out of our control. This is one of those times. This truly is a loss for KbPort and the simulation community. It is a much greater loss for the family and the close friends, and we want to share our condolences with everyone.

As the founder of KbPort, I am deeply crushed by this loss. Tom and I worked together for 29 years. If you make it 29 years together, I think that explains the bond that we had as co-workers and as friends. You could not find a more loyal, honest, and trustworthy person than Tom. He believed in the products we created and the goals of the company, but more than that, he believed that we were changing things for the better. It is truly hard to let go of the people who mean so much in your life. Like many, I am not ready to say goodbye, but I have no choice. I will miss you my friend, but you will always be with me in my memories and thoughts.

I hope to see you again one day and may God bless you…

Chuck Miller

Memories with Tom