Battery-powered carts allow nursing staff to bring a computer to the patient’s bedside. This enables them to enter data, update electronic medical records, and use auxiliary equipment without being tethered to a wall outlet or making repeated trips to a computer room. Learners will experience battery technology in the real world, so we’ve made sure to implement those batteries into our battery-powered carts.

The core of any mobile power system is the battery’s chemistry. This is why our carts utilize medical lithium-ion batteries, as many do in real-world settings.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) is the battery chemistry used in most rechargeable devices, from your smartphone to laptops. They use smaller, denser, and more energy-efficient energy cells.

Lithium battery technology was designed to address the problems introduced by their lead-acid counterparts, offering lighter battery units and quicker charging times.

The low weight makes them naturally suited for hot-swap battery setups. Hot swap batteries are multi-battery setups that prevent healthcare workers from having to make repeated recharging trips, as they’re designed to last the entire shift.

Hot-Swap Batteries

Hot-swap batteries are an increasingly popular power system for various settings, particularly medical applications. They are removable battery packs that can be easily swapped out without powering down the device.

This is extremely convenient, especially if you’re in the middle of using your device and the battery starts to run low. Instead of shutting the entire system down and waiting for the battery to recharge, you can simply swap in a fresh one and keep going uninterrupted.

SimCartRx™ Power Systems

We offer four power options for our SimCartRx™ Standard, SimCartRx™ Elite, and SimCartRx™ Telehealth carts, or if you are looking to add a power option to an existing cart. The ability to choose the right power solution for your facility is crucial in allowing total customization of our carts.

Elora Power Solution

The Elora power system is the lightest, high-capacity lithium-ion battery on the market. This compact, space-saving power unit can integrate with our high-performance medication cart models to power medication administration and medication management procedures.

Amstron Power Solution

The Amstron hot swap li-ion battery is powerful and cost effective. The light & small form factor can even be integrated to non-powered carts, creating a cost-effective solution for your facility’s budget.

UltraLife Power Solution

The UltraLife power solution grants full med cart battery management. This solution offers a robust and lightweight case and charging station. The rechargeable Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries provide more consistent power during the discharge cycle for optimal endurance and safety.

Scott-Clark Power Solution

The Scott-Clark power solution offers flexible mobile cart power technology (FMCPT) with their FMCPT battery. The heart of the FMCPT battery energy storage system is the advanced lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) cells employed in their construction, offering many of the same advantages found in typical lithium-ion batteries while avoiding overheating.

All batteries offered with our medication carts are certified to the latest transportation and safety standards.

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